Class Acts

Zane and I have been playing around with the effects in the Photobooth app on the Mac a little bit the past couple of weeks. The same effects can be used in iChat so we had a dueling “weirdos” contest with the Normal Normans. Kirk was particularly creative (light headed?).

In the background of the top photo you can see Zane’s “Child of the Week” bag. The preschool gave it to him last Friday so he could bring in all of his show and tell items this week. Yesterday he took the nature around the house collection that Faith and he had been working on: wasp nest, burrs, and a turkey feather. We asked him how his first day as Child of the Week went. He looked pretty pleased as he explained that he was in charge of the calendar, where the teachers tell him the weather and he puts the proper picture of the weather on the calendar.