Chubby Cheeks

Well, not really chubby. They seem to be slowly going away, at least compared to some of his pictures from the last six months. Which is odd, because he’s been eating like a horse lately.

See, I have this new diet: The Zane Diet. When I serve him a meal or we order at a restaurant it’s enough for one person. A few months ago I’d end up eating most of it, but these days I’m getting less and less of the meal. Pretty soon I won’t have to eat at all!

Also, regarding the 5 second rule. I think it only applies if the baby or parent drops something that was meant for the baby. Grab it fast enough and it goes right back to the kid. The exceptions are that either of us will still eat it any time after that: Zane wandering the house will pick up and eat stray bits of food and his Dad will eat pretty much anything, anytime (probably due to the Zane diet). My job would be much easier if we had a dog.