Christmas Tale

This year Zane was a bit more into the tree and opening of presents than the last couple of years. First off we went over to our friends Millie & Toby’s on xmas eve for a dinner get-together. Zane played with Tyler, who’s about double his age. At dinner he picked at his food a bit and was otherwise well behaved. Come Christmas morning, when we started opening presents, he was mostly parroting what we said with “Open presents?” We all opened a few and eventually Zane opened the garbage truck. Not as fancy and intricate as some of the ones you see out there, but it has a garbage can that articulates and dumps into the truck and the back of the truck tilts to dump all of its contents out. And that was it, we could have stopped opening presents right there. We wadded up some wrapping paper and he concentrated on dumping it into the truck. When we went to have him open other presents he’d exclaim, “More garbage?!” as if getting more wrapping paper to for his truck was the present. Eventually his attention was distracted to the other presents. There’s a lego train, almost full size curious george, front loader, lots of books, and even little mini race cars with track. Thank you to all of the Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles.