Christmas Highlights

A sampling of gifts Zane got along with a photo of him writing thank you notes. That’s right, he wrote his own thank you cards this year and other than me teaching him the letter “K” and reminding him about some of the other letters he did a great job! He’s really blossomed lately with reading, spelling, numbers, and even time. JJ & Andy got him a telling time book and Faith says he had no problem reading the time, which reminds me I should put batteries in his wristwatch so it’s not always 2:03.

The monster truck is from his “I only buy books” Aunt. She said something about payback but I have no idea what she could possibly mean. There’s a couple nice things about it: A) the rechargeable battery runs out! B) it works outside and Zane can stand inside at backdoor controlling it.

The other big present was the garbage truck I picked up for him. This was inevitable. He’d been playing with his little garbage truck all year, making big piles of “garbage” (torn up paper, styrofoam, you name it) and then when I asked why there’s so much, he’d tell me that he was trying to get enough garbage that we’d HAVE to buy him a bigger garbage truck. Clever kid. Here’s a couple of videos I made using an app that I’ve worked on at work for the iPhone using Stop Motion/Time Lapse: