The Amazing Chicken Neck

Mr. Chicken Neck

It’s a wonder these things work at all!

Not only does he “work” but that scrawny chicken neck is getting better and better at holding up the bowling ball we call Zane’s head. Being able to hold up his cheeks alone would be quite a feat, yet the neck can also hold up the amazing bald head, big blue eyes, and the mouth that goes waaaa.

Janet and Paul were over last night for dinner (we missed you Millie & Toby!) and we were exchanging baby stories. Their boy, Tyler, is four now which seems about a million years away from Zane in form and functionality. Paul said Tyler was a two hour at a time sleeper for the first couple (few?) months too and he wouldn’t want to do that again. Janet put it more succinctly: one husband, one dog, one kid.

I vaguely remember their stories four years ago of caring for baby Tyler, but without context (i.e. lack of sleep, etc..) it was impossible to truly relate or sympathize. I can now: no problem.

While feeding Zane this morning I was reflecting over our past month and half and two things struck me:

1. Faith has provided all of his food. Other than a little formula at the very beginning this baby has been growing and changing all off of milk from his Mom. No chips, hot dogs, macaroni ‘n’ cheese, nothing but milk.

2. He smells wonderful. I can’t think of anything else that you can pour so much milk into and leave at room temperature that smells so good!