Chance of Snow

A couple photos (the 1,000th on this blog!) taken the other day when Faith and Zane were playing outside. Zane wanted to follow his dad back into the house but Faith is like, “Hey, I dressed you up so we can play in the snow and we are going to play in the snow!“ He came around to the idea pretty quickly.

Before we left for our trip two weeks ago I was taking a shower and had the bathroom door shut. Someone knocked. “Hello” says I. “Daddydaddydaddy” says someone else, knocking some more. “Hello Zane” says I, but he didn’t answer. Well, I guess opening the shower curtain is something of an answer, although not at all what I was expecting.

Zane can now open doors. As a test, Faith took him out of the bathroom and shut the door again. This time it only took a few seconds for him to open the door. Right now the only door he seems interested in, and the only one we’ve put a protector on, is the bathroom.

Our snow is pretty dense, like a frozen snow cone. Even a warm day like yesterday’s 50+ had a hard time melting much. Still, it was such a beautiful day that Zane and I played at the playground in town, despite the ground being firmly ensconced in snow and ice. He had a blast, especially on the big corkscrew slide. And you know what? We had the whole thing to ourselves!

Afterwards we picked up some chicken and root vegetables and went home to make a big pot of chicken soup. The problem with soup is trying to get Zane to drink some of the juice. For some reason he’s not interested in a spoon that has soup in it and will try to push it away, soup flying everywhere. I hit on the great idea of cutting a straw shorter and having him drink the soup. His first expression was priceless, “hey, this isn’t fruit juice!” but he did end up drinking more.