Cat4Sale: F R E E

Orange Baby

Faith is out of town visiting a friend for part of the weekend, which left Zane, Tink, and I alone to eat pizza, drink soda pops, and gorge on ice cream. Since Z&T don’t eat or drink any of that stuff, Dad had to eat their share too. It’s great to be dad!

Tink is in the dog house. She spent Saturday sleeping and then without Faith to snuggle up to all night must have gotten bored. At two this morning I woke to the sounds of bezerker kitty, running up and down the halls, slamming into things, and then jumping on the bed to pronounce: MEOW! And then do it again and again. I stormed out of bed, caught the cat, locked her in a room downstairs and crossed my fingers that she hadn’t woken Zane.

He started slowly, a few baby chirps and some snuffling. It went downhill from there. Daddy comforting him didn’t help, or it would for a few minutes and then he’d have a kitty flashback and start all over. Being an old softy I finally caved in and fed him. Another ten minutes, with much comforting, he finally calmed down and went back to sleep.