I was at work this morning peeking in on Zane via the camera when all of a sudden part of his bed got up and jumped off! Hey, the cat’s in there! It was still pretty dark (6:30) and the image was grainy but I could tell she was sitting there wondering how to get that darn door open. Most likely she waited a prerequisite puss patience period before giving out a meow. Eventually Zane stirred, rolled over to the other side of the bed and tried to pull the sheet up. The sheet was being stubborn but eventually he got it and, I suspect, right about then Tink meowed again since Zane got up and looked over the edge of his bed. “Hey, cat!” He got off the bed and then tried to open the door without stepping on her, which was nice of him. He’s not a “go back to bed once up” kind of kid, so the last I saw of him was as he zipped out of the room, presumably to tell his mom that the cat was in his room.