Captive Audience

Zane, caught up in a Nova special on the genome.

He’s been watching a bit of the olympics, but isn’t quite as into it as his mommy. The two of them watched a PBS special on tornados the other day. He really likes the weather. I have an app on my iPad that shows the current weather along with the radar. If there’s no storms nearby the app will take you to a place in the country with a lot of heavy weather. He likes to postulate on if a heavy cell is a tornado or not and use the slider to go forward/back in time and watch the storm’s progress.

Oh, and in addition to an interest in the weather he’s now figured out how to run the video recording app and I now have DOZENS of Zane made videos, mostly consisting of him making faces and yelling. I’ve shared one of them below. “:^)

Speaking of genes and such, he’s been looking taller and taller these days and I finally remember to measure him this weekend. First a bit of back story. There’s a swim center here with a large water slide, but you have to be four feet tall to use it. I’ve been telling him that he’s got to grow four more inches, so maybe in the next year. Well, turns out he only needs to grow a little under three inches now. Anyone want to make a bet when he’ll hit four feet tall?