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Rubber Mapblast Baby The Wave Pod Baby

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Last night: two long sleep periods, 3 3/4 hours each! Scale shows 10.4 pounds. I guess I’m holding on to the thin thread of hope that the book was right about babies sleeping 5+ hours once they reach eleven pounds. C’mon baby, eat up! (yeah, how desperate is that?)

Among the hand-me-downs Zane got from our friends is one of those three wheeled joggers. I tried him in it on the 4th since we were thinking of taking a big walk down a dirt road that morning. I’d been thinking it was too large for him and he does look a little lost, but the straps held him snuggly against the comfy lambs wool pad. Rubber wheels make all the difference: we walked two miles down a dirt road and Zane did A-OK, sleeping about two thirds of the trip.

I’ve noticed something odd: Zane doesn’t attract bugs. At first I thought it was because with his normal stroller he’s down inside a ways, pretty much out of the flow of air. Not so with the jogger, he’s face first into the oncoming air. Faith and I will be swatting black flies and deer flies yet Zane sits peacefully, no cloud of bugs and nothing landing on him.

It does give some credence to my suspicion that he is part frog.