Can't Bear It

Too cute to bear

Zane and Faith and I walked two miles to get eggs yesterday, with Zane staying awake for all but the last quarter mile. The weather is very fall like here with lows in the 40’s and high yesterday of only 64°. Zane was bundled up like a little Eskimo (Zane the Eskimo, I’ll sing it to you someday). While stopped to talk with our neighbors, DJ and Cathy, I discovered that a corner of his blanket has dried on to his lip, like a tongue or lip might stick to a freezing piece of metal.

Later, while I was running an errand, Faith put Zane on his “tummy time” mat for some Mom and Son play time. When I came back Faith was sitting on the floor talking to Zane, who had a knobbly thing gripped in his right hand, a crinkly fish tail in his left, and was chewing the purple tentacles of a chew toy octopus Faith was holding. He looked entirely in his element.

Multitasking baby!

Later we enjoyed a nice leg of lamb I grilled, followed by what seemed to be our first movie in ages, Stranger Than Fiction. Zane wiggled and chirped, made faces with dad, babbled about this and that, and practiced 1…2…3…JUMP! which consists of sitting on someone’s lap and at the count of three standing up (with assistance). He’s very good at it.

Faith and I agreed that it seems we’ve known Zane forever. At only three months old he seems to be quite aware and engaged. We talk to each other and make faces and experiment with his hands and feet and he’s right there, trying it all out, smiling or complaining as the situation warrants.