Candid Baby Cam

Now that Faith’s show is over I’ve had a couple nights off, so not as many photos. Last night they went over to one of the mom’s group houses for dinner and I think there were five or so of the “gang” that showed up. Five kids running around, screaming and climbing and laughing for a few hours … great exercise! By the time they got home it was almost nine so I fed him his snack on-the-go while he played and wound down in the family room. Then it was up to put on pajamas, which due to the heat ended up being a onesie (pictured). I picked him up off of the changing table, fully planning to go sit on the rocking chair and read our 3-4 books when he said “turn off light?”

“You want the lights turned off Zane?”


“No books?”


So I turned off the lights, we danced for a couple minutes with him snuggled into my shoulder, and then straight to bed and sleep. No books. I think that was a first.