Can't Stop Swinging

And to think I almost pulled down the swing this week and put it away for Winter. Maybe I should simply adjust it so it’ll work when we get a foot or two of snow?

Zane has had a slight fever the last couple of days. No sniffles or other symptoms, just the fever. It’s made him a bit irritable or weepy at times, but overall he’s weathering it well. The really sad part is he couldn’t go into preschool yesterday, his last day as Child Of The Week! We kind of skirted around that subject though, no need to make things worse. He did get angry at his books, for some reason, and knocked all of them off the top two shelves. Faith asked for an explanation and he admitted that he was mad. When she asked why, he started counting to twenty, which didn’t explain anything. Later, when we were driving to pick up the car from the shop, she asked him to tell me what happened. Again he said he was mad and then started counting. So, we don’t know what that was all about. Maybe he was counting how many books he knocked down?

But I did have him pick up the books before going to bed last night. The goal was to go to bed early. He fell asleep in the car on the way back home at five, woke up, then fell asleep on the couch while I made dinner. I almost let him sleep all night, or at least try, but he hadn’t had much to eat. Around six I gently woke him up, but then about halfway through dinner he almost dozed off in the chair. So I figured we’d make an early night of it, but then we ran across the huge pile of books blocking his room and that took priority.

Did you know that Zane can read?

Ok, maybe he can’t, maybe it’s simply a clever trick made possible by a really good memory. As he was picking up the books he started telling me the titles. Not summaries of what the book was about, but the exact titles. “Cookies big week!” he’d say as he picked up the book with that exact title. “The Tooth Fairy” and so on. Either he’s been holding out on us and not admitting that he can read, or he’s memorized the titles to all of the books we’ve ever read to him. Either way it was really impressive!