Cabin Fever

Zane, in his ongoing learning and exploring mode, has also been pushing limits. Not just with his parents, mind you, but also the dog and the cat. Both are usually pretty good natured about it, but from time to time Raz will do a growly-snappy thing in his general direction to let Zane know that he’s not appreciated. See, Raz really wants to be an only child, so this upstart that’s stealing away valuable attention AND being a pest really isn’t his best friend. Maybe a few years from now they’ll be playing ball and hiking together, but for now it’s all about pack placement.

Yesterday’s big thing was “flying cars!” (his words) that not only involved throwing matchbox cars up in the air to fly, but at one point involved a huge crane rig taking a dive down the stairs. The crane also swung by the dog crate for something that I didn’t actually see, but from looking at Raz’s eyes when he went by, wasn’t very dog friendly. We’re trying to get across to Zane that the dog and cat need their own “space” and that he needs to stay away from Raz’s crate and Tink’s hiding place. Zane chirps up with a “I’m sorry daddy,” a mischievous twinkle in his eye, and a few minutes later he’s doing it again. So then we work on the “saying I’m sorry doesn’t mean you can do it again and again” concept.