Watching Zane play with his trains last night I realized how much he’s grown and changed just over the Summer. He can now start putting together tracks (although doesn’t feel compelled to make it a contiguous line yet) and he’ll go around the room collecting trains and stringing them together on the track. He now understands about the magnets and how sometimes a train will need to be flipped around to get the magnets to stick. Now days when he plays with the train he puts his head down on the floor next to the track and carefully watches the trains pass by as he pushes them. Oh, and Zane knows most of the train names, either functional or fictitious (i.e. Thomas). In the photo he is really pointing at and correctly calling it the caboose.

Speaking of learning, he seems to be enjoying preschool. When we are feeding him he’ll often try to get out of the meal early by pleading, “All done?” or “Outside?” (yes, always with question marks). Faith said last week during breakfast he used, “Preschool?”

I went in to pick him up with Faith yesterday and it was the cutest thing. At the end of the day all of the kids have to sit on chairs arranged in a circle until their parent or guardian comes to pick them up. And sure enough, there was our Zane sitting like a good boy. First thing that popped into my head was “I need their secret for getting him to sit still!” As usual he tried to make a break for the rooms at the end of the hall where they store toys and stuff. Bring him back, grab the backpack from the “Zane” peg on the wall and head up the stairs. He even walks up the stairs, holding a hand on one side and the almost-too-high railing on the other. At home he still resorts to scootching and crawling down and up the stairs, but not at preschool!