Bzzzttt Krzh Pzing!

Bzzzttt Krzh Pzing!

Yeah, I don’t know what he’s saying either.

All of that great 7-8 hour sleeping that Zane was doing is back out the window and he’s in the 3-4 hour range again. He’s in a growth spurt! The term growth spurt, I’m pretty sure, is parental shorthand for “He’s not doing what I want/expect/hoping for!”

He’s eating a lot, even before going to bed at night, and when he wakes up he hits the bottle like he’s been lost in the Mojave Desert for the last week. Luckily Faith has regained the lead in the milk wars and production is far out racing demand!

I took Zane for a short walk in his backpack. The backpack (as do most baby things) consists of a plethora of velcro and straps and snaps and zippers and gizmos. One might think the manufacturers are over engineering until you consider that the devices have to accommodate an occupant who may double in size in less than a year. So I sat down and messed with things a bit. Put baby in, gauged his response (negative!). Took baby out, re-adjusted, re-tested, and finally hoisted baby and all onto shoulders for another test walk.

He jiggled much less, but I was also walking slower (and watching him in a little mirror). The shoulder straps are just a bit too wide for his shoulders at the moment, so only one shoulder is really held in at any given moment. This leads him to leaning over one side or the other, as if he’s thinking of passing me. All in all, I think he likes the high perch and more active exercise. We’re some time away from being able to hike into the office though.