Busy Boy

Zane at the co-op with us last night eating his French Crusty Roll and browsing the shapes and colors in the aisles. We also snagged a free cheese sample, started walking away and then he ran back wanting more. He’s all about free food samples. In the time that we shopped he managed to consume the entire roll, a smoked mackerel sample and four cheese samples!

Before the grocery store trip we visited one of the dogs we’re thinking about adopting. Zane was a little more reserved than I expected, probably directly to related to being whacked by Tink a couple times in the past month. He smiled and laughed, but didn’t just dive into the dog, which is probably a good thing when dealing with new animals.

Still, there was an incident. We were playing fetch with tennis balls in the house next to Ringo’s dog bed and Zane picked up one of the balls. He also kept trying to lay in the bed with the dog, so there’s a chance that he simply thinks he’s a dog. Well, Ringo kept waiting for Zane to throw the ball and when he just waved it around in the air instead the pup jumped up to get it and knocked Zane over. That was pretty sad and it took a few minutes of sniffing before everyone was back to normal and play resumed. We haven’t decided on the adoption yet and there’s also another dog I’d like to check out.

One of the changes I apparently went through after the birth of Zane is being able to watch AFV (America’s funniest home videos). Before Zane I couldn’t stand the show. But now we’ll sometimes sit and watch a whole show, laughing our heads off mindlessly. The other night they had a video of a little girl sitting in her crib, face covered in food. Her Mom asked her if she was dirty and the baby girl started saying, “Bath? Bath? Give me a Bath? A Bath?” over and over, more pleading and desperate as she went on.

Well, last night I undressed him and got ready to change his diaper and put on some PJs Zane turned to me and said “Bath? Bath? A Bath?” almost exactly like that little girl. Probably a coincidence, but then again he was watching the video too. The thing is that’s probably the first time he’s actually asked me for something like that, so how could I turn him down?

I’ll let you know if he does this every night from now on.

BTW, the little naked boy picture to the right is from one of his morning battles with Mom. He’s captured the diaper and is keeping an eye out for her next move so that he can resist it!

Here’s a movie I captured from his room’s webcam yesterday morning. It’s speeded up 2x.