Busy and Happy

A few shots from Zane’s busy night last night after an equally busy day before his afternoon nap. Seeing all of his energy at 6, 7, and then nearing bed time at 8 you start to wonder if this is the night he NEVER falls asleep. But then there’s a snack, bubble bath, pajamas are put on, teeth are brushed, music is turned on (Ray!), we read a half dozen books, the light is turned off, and after a short snuggle Dad tip toes out of the room and that’s that, he’s soon asleep.

I have to admit that the past couple of weeks have been really crazy. Zane’s new teeth were bothering him and he in turn became the epitome of “terrible twos.” Crying, screaming, out of control … you name it. Of course after a while it started setting everyone on edge and pretty soon the three of us were getting kind of cranky and short tempered. And then yesterday our happy, smiling, laughing boy was back … like a sudden warm, sunny day in the middle of Winter.

One tooth left to go!

After his bath last night I put him in pajamas and left the room to get water. “Why don’t you pick out a book, Zane?” I said on the way out. I came back to not only find he had picked out a book, but crawled up on the chair and was reading it.