Zane and Faith posing in front of 3 months worth of extra mommy milk. Doesn’t this look like one of those drug bust photos where the cops are smiling over a huge bust of confiscated narcotics? I figure if I say bust enough you’ll get the pun. Yeah, just waiting for you to get the pun here…

This is from June through August of last year. Not only has Faith been diligently pumping to feed little Zane, but she’s also been measuring, bagging, and freezing the extra in case Zane suddenly starts eating us out of house and home. We did unthaw some when Faith went away for the weekend: once. Unfortunately this collection all reached it’s “feed to baby by” date and had to be tossed out.

p.s. the colorful scene behind Faith (cattails growing out of her head!) is a batik Laura made.

One of the things we’ve been trying to do lately is to set aside a day off for each of us: a day without baby obligations that can be used for play or work or mindlessly staring at the TV. Faith has been getting Saturdays off, going to yoga and doing things around the house. Mine has been Sunday and I use it to catch up on work around the house or at the office and/or mindlessly surfing the internet. It’s kind of tragic in that Zane will see the other parent and go, “hey! wanna play!” and not understand when they guiltily zip off to another part of the house.

Due to taxes and a show Faith volunteered to usher on Sunday we changed days this weekend. I ended up working almost all Saturday and then Faith ended up working on our taxes all day (and night) Sunday, with a break for ushering.

Zane and I had a fine Sunday together. He got up around 8, well, wait: he got up at 3:30 and then got up at 8 for real. Milk, food, play time, and then we ran some errands. Down for a 2.5 hour nap at noon, followed by milk, food, and more playing. We then went for a walk with Zane riding his little car. Practiced standing, crawling, and he fell asleep around 5:30 for almost an hour. More milk, reluctantly (and noisily) ate food again, and then it was time for Dad to eat while baby sat in his bouncer and played peek-a-boo. We followed this up with a nice, long baby bath and after drying him he spent a bunch of time naked in his crib airing out and playing blanket peek-a-boo. Much laughter by both of us.

Oh, and just before the bath I weighed him: 18.2 pounds. Woo hoo!

After all of that is was time to get him diapered and pajama’d. While sliding his feet into the pajamas I noticed he was attempting to eat his entire hands. He’d done this a couple weeks ago, pretty much with the same resulting retching sounds. This time it wasn’t just sound and he probably didn’t weigh 18.2 pounds after the mess was over.

Here’s a shot from yesterday’s feeding as Zane plops an ‘O’ into his mouth. Since he’s clean it’s clearly before he started eating the main course.

Eatin' O's