Bubbles and bubbles

It’s pretty hard to photograph bubbles in mid-flight, especially when the young bubble maker only manages to produce them every sixth or seventh try. He somehow came up with the idea that the wand wasn’t being dipped deep or long enough into the bubble liquid. He’d do a quick blast of air through the wand (i.e. no bubbles) and then spend the next half minute dipping the wand with excruciating attention to detail, only to then blast a puff of air at it and not make any bubbles. I tried to help him out with a few tips, but I think his translator was broken (or working as most 3yr old’s do):

“Zane, you only need to dip it once. Now blow the bubbles softly.”

Translation: “blah blah boo woosh blah blah quack”

Compared to:

“Zane, maybe we’ll go to the playground tomorrow.”

Translation: “Does Zane want playground? Should we drop everything and go to the playground this very moment?”

Our bathroom is a few microscopic steps back towards being, well, a bathroom again. Being as this has been on our “to do” list for a half dozen years or so we are right on schedule. The new tub is in and, with temporary plumbing in place, Zane had his first bath in it last night. First observation: new acrylic tubs are slippery. Second: Zane’s translator was totally off, no input, output only mode. Case in point: even though I kept telling him to quit standing up and jumping he decided it would be fun to climb the side of the tub and stand on a little sub-lip inside. Just as I was getting bug-eyed and about to say NOOOOO! he slipped and fell back into the tub, onto his back, his head shooting underwater. The next few microseconds are a bit of a blur, all I can say is that the in next moment I was holding Zane by his ankle, lifted straight up out of the water, and trying to figure out a convenient way to set him down that wasn’t head first back into the water. He was shocked by the chain of events but it only took him a few minutes to return to his normal, nutty self.