Bubble-O Soldier


Sir Fishpocket’s has been blowing a lot of bubbles lately, closely tracking a rise in overall slobber production. We’re thinking that the formula is something like, bubbles = cute. Not so much that the bubbles are cute (they are) but that after they are rubbled all over his face with chubby little fists what is left behind is an even cuter baby than before. As if bubbles are a salve to soften and take away the hard edges of the day.

We should all try it…

Zane likes reggae.

Be Prepared One of the books Becky sent was Be Prepared by Gary Greenberg. Gary’s a comedian and brings humor to the subject of fatherhood while still managing to pass on some great tips. One of them deals with calming the baby. He mentioned that while inside the womb the baby is rocked at a certain natural rhythm by his Mom. As chance would have it, it is the same beat as Bob Marley’s Buffalo Soldiers.

Sure enough, the other night when Zane was inconsolable I started singing Buffalo Soldier (the only lyric I know) and rocking him in time. Within a couple minutes he calmed right down and stayed that way. Every few minutes a big sob might bubble up like a hiccup, but his eyes started getting heavy and pretty soon he blinked out.

So now Zane and I flick on the satellite’s reggae audio channel at night and bump our way into sleep in 4/4 time. I can’t profess to ever being much of a fan, but these days I’m all for it!