Bubble Eyes

Part of growing up is trying things out even if the common consensus might be that it’s probably not a good idea. Thus we have bubble eyes and a followup conversation about why his eyes were a bit upset.

Zane has a couple of new mannerisms worth noting. One is, he likes to be funny. He even announces “being funny!” in case you didn’t pick up on it. Of course most of his being funny involves sounds, which brings us to mannerism #2 (or would that be #1?). He likes to say “Wee wee Wee wee.” If you aren’t clued into the latest regarding all of these sounds and songs you might do something silly like I did at the hairdressers and say, “what is that, a song from preschool?” and he’d loudly inform you and all of the moms in a forty foot radius that it is the sound his ***beep*** makes when he goes potty. Ah, thanks for sharing and daddy will just keep questions to himself in public from now on.