Browns and Blues

Snoozing in Brown and Blue

We got a glimpse of the future yesterday.

Zane had another long night of sleep (almost 7 hours) and then we all had a carefree family Sunday. Zane took a bath in the big tub, floating there on his back with only his face above the water like the most content little baby you’ve ever seen. Then we all piled into the car, did some grocery shopping, came home and took a nap, did some cooking, and then loaded back into the car for a Sunday play-date.

The play-date was put on by Harriet, one of the Mom’s from Faith’s fourth trimester group. All total there were six babies ranging from Zane at 3.5 months to 9 month old Seth. The other babies were all over five months old and every baby except Zane and Seth were, as Faith so lovingly termed it, in varying degrees of michelin man-itis.

They all sat up and/or crawled. Seth was about as close to walking as you can get without actually doing so and he was everywhere and into everything. It was a teeming pile of crawling, blabbing, chewing, and solids eating babies. They seemed so far removed from Zane that it was hard to believe he’s only a couple of months younger.

Zane mostly sat in our laps and watched the show, keeping a poker face through it all. Well, that is until he fell asleep, woke up twenty minutes later, had a snack, and then had a classic 5pm melt down (which he hasn’t had in a while). It took forever to calm him down: being that we were in a strange place and didn’t have ANY of our props. What finally seemed to work was singing Buffalo Soldier. Over, and over, and over…

Lessons learned from our outing: A) start child proofing house in a couple of months, B) start upper-body workouts NOW, C) get used to massive amounts of uncontrollable and unstoppable slobber, D) don’t have a play-date on freshly mown grass.