Bright Light, Little City

An interesting play of light from an iPhone photograph on Monday, I certainly don’t remember seeing the rays at the time. Zane is checking out the new car in the driveway (piano student). He points at the four O’s of the logo and says “Ooooo…” and then proceeds to do a walk around: identifying lights, wheels, handles, and so forth. You can almost hear him thinking, “not bad, not bad.”

I came up with a new (patent pending!) way to get more food into Zane during dinner last night. Since he loves sound effects I started “announcing” his fork full of food in exaggerated, dramatic tones. Noodles with a bit of olive became, Olllleeeeeve! He laughed like crazy and chomped it right down. The only downside I can see is that it attracts the dog (“hey, something going on? free food?”), Zane might be laughing too much to properly chew and swallow, and it’s probably not something we want to do at every meal, especially in restaurants.

Here’s some outtakes from yesterday’s nice photo of Zane.