Bright Eyed

Zane, bright eyed morning boy

Zane is almost two and a half weeks old now and finally weighs over seven pounds. Yesterday was a bit of a wild day, with fussy baby in the morning and then off to work. Came home for a cable internet installation to find that Faith was running a 103° fever and Zane was hungry/bored. Tried to juggle the two of them along with the installer guy (who has a 9 month old baby boy and totally understood!) when the Dr’s office called to see if we could come in for Faith & Zane’s appt that afternoon, since the Dr. had a birth coming the next day. Load up baby and sick Faith, everyone gets check ups, back home, put Faith to bed, and back to baby care.

Zane has a pretty good schedule most nights: I’ll feed him at 9-10 and then every three hours after that. He sleeps next to me on the co-sleeper and when he starts to stir I can get up to warm the mother’s milk while he starts his “engine,” so to speak. By the time the milk is warm I’ve checked his diaper and am ready to feed him. Then a final diaper stop and back to bed for another three hours. Faith is on milk production duty, which is probably the worst possible job in the world if not for the good cause it promotes.

The trade-off is that he then spends the afternoons “sampling” his meals — a little bit here and there every half hour or so —and is wide awake and not sure what to do the rest of the time. Baby maintenance goes way up.

Today little Cooper turns two. Hope you have a happy day little guy!