Box Full of Fun!

Half of the box our new shower came in. First off Zane, Raz, and I were inside of it, but Raz decided it wasn’t as much fun being a cave animal as he thought it would be. Then it was Zane and I with Raz on the outside, nibbling at any body parts that tried to sneak out. Eventually I cut the hole in the top and that was the very best setup for Zane, since he could crawl in and out as many times as he wanted.

Last night I took a cup of water in after he’d been in bed for a while, hoping it would help his cough. We lay on his race car bed for a bit, in the near darkness and he started talking, describing things, as if the darkness gave him clarity.

“Daddy’s hands…”


It took a few seconds to figure out that he was saying fingernails. Then he did something which pretty much blew my mind, holding his own hands up and saying:

“My hands. My fingernails.”