Bouncy Hair

Zane going totally crazy on his bouncing Zebra, presumably to impress the dog with his mad skillz of bounciness (roll your mouse over the picture to see). Bounce, bounce, bounce, laugh, laugh, bounce bounce, laugh, bounce, etc… They seem to be getting along ok. I take the dog into work so when we get home in the afternoon they are both a little wound up and ready to play. Zane doesn’t appreciate Raz eating his trains, the train tracks, or even dog toys. And yet when I give Zane a cracker the first thing he does it offer it to the dog…and then take it back to eat it himself.

Zane and I and the pup went for a walk. Zane only had me carry him once, which is a huge improvement. Must be the puppy peer pressure. And then, before heading up for bed, Zane helped me take the dog out to go to the bathroom. While I tried to keep the dog from eating mulch in the flower bed Zane pointed up to the coy moon, dancing in and out from behind the clouds.

Happy Birthday wishes to cousin Garrett!

Here’s some of Zane’s artwork. He’s been having art time with his friend Jonah once a week. I haven’t seen them in action nor do I know if there’s a bunch of discarded works leading up to these, but I like where he’s going!