Booglee Boy

I thought I'd try to get a close-up shot of his gums this morning and discovered that without a 300lb weight-lifting assistant to pry open his little crocodile jaws there's no way to keep his mouth open if Zane doesn't want it open. That's ok, I discovered a new way to inspect him for dirtiness: take a photo and zoom around.

Roll your mouse over the picture for an annotated version, or rather, a to-do list of what needs to be washed this morning.

How his fingernails got so dirty is beyond me. I know for a fact that he didn't pitch in and help me with the windows/vinyl siding or Faith with the weeding. We haven't thrown piles of dirt into his crib for weeks, so that can't be it. I was planning on tying a rope to his ankle and having him crawl under the fridge to pull out the dust bunnies, but that's not until next month. It's a mystery.

Yesterday we ran a bunch of errands and then went out to eat. Once again I found myself in the lumber aisle of Home Depot feeding Zane. I think the scent of freshly hewn planks triggers some instinctive, male drinking reflex. At the restaurant Zane was Mr. Wigglers. There was another baby sleeping at the table next to us and I couldn't help but to compare babies. Yes, Zane is much wigglier (than a sleeping baby, right)! And Zane seems much more alert (still sleeping over there). Look at Zane bopping to the music (oh, wait, the other baby is waking up and his dad is trying to get him to dance ... competitive baby dancing!) I may be biased but Zane seemed to walk away with the trophy on this one.

Zane has his appetite back and then some. No more dawdling at the bottle, it's all business now. Afterwards there's a quick complaint about gums, which someone needs to address or else, and he's back to sane and happy wiggle baby. This week he also seems more physical. Like, not only are the muscles growing, but they are starting to team together and work towards a goal.

Today he's ten weeks old.