Booger Pizza Nose

Zane was feeling much better yesterday. When we played in the family room and when I fed him dinner he was back to his funny, happy self again. The picture was taken right after he and Faith came back from a mommies group. They brought pizza home so us boys shared. I didn’t realize how boogery he was until it had some pizza highlights.

There are some exceptions to his happiness but I think it comes with the territory of “getting older.” For the most part he doesn’t want to be fed: leave him alone, provide enough variety and he’ll eventually eat everything. Try to feed him yourself and you’ll just as likely find him flinging the food all over the place in frustration, toddler angst, or whatever it is.

Speaking of angst, boy oh boy has he been coping an attitude about having his diaper changed. I’m like, “hey, here’s the potty, go for it!” but he hasn’t made the connection yet and/or we don’t know the trick to teach him to want to use it. He doesn’t always get upset but sometimes he cries his head off and struggles to escape during a simple diaper change.

Faith has started a list of new words he’s been saying. It’s posted on the fridge and so far there’s “yellow”, “uh oh”, and another. Last night he repeated “tricky” when I said it.