Blurry Boy

Blurry Boy

It’s getting harder to photograph Zane without a flash now that he moves all of the time. Speaking of moving, yesterday was his last guppies class. He also got his first report card: good guppy! We’ll probably head back for more classes after the summer vacations, plus the town’s outdoor pool will be opening in a month or so.

I felt along his top gums yesterday and the big teeth seem to be getting closer. We’ll see, all of the babies we’ve met have different tooth time tables. Some younger babies sport a half dozen while older ones are still hovering around two or four. I’m looking forward to him being able to chew things…wait, let me qualify that: chew food that we give him.

Watching Zane lately one can’t help but to be amazed. He crawls, he walks, he babbles, he falls, he cries, he grabs, he sings (badly!), he smiles, and he laughs and laughs. Last night he was crawling up and down the hallway trying to get to Tink, exuberantly giggling the whole time. Hard to imagine he’s the same little blob of delicate baby we fretted over last summer.

Yesterday we were at the office and I put him in the crib, to attempt a nap. He’s wiggling and babbling and looking for things to play with. The mattress has a couple of tags which weren’t quite covered by the sheet. He started pulling at them, so I reached in and folded them under the mattress and tucked the sheet in. Problem taken care of, right? Wrong. Zane reached over and bent the mattress back and deftly retrieved his tags.