Blue Eyes

Close-up on eye

Faith has blue eyes, I have blue eyes, so Zane will probably keep his baby blues as well. The question is what color of blue? I’ve been trying to get a better close-up of his current color without much luck since he’s such a wiggly, blinky guy. This shot shows the pattern a bit, although it’s a little over saturated. I’d say he has more of a gun-metal blue now with an interesting grey-blue burst pattern around the pupil.

His other eye isn’t very pretty right now. Yesterday, not long after Faith and Zane came back from their fourth-trimester class, his right eye started producing vast amounts of yellow goo. This eye has been a little watery from time to time—the Doc says temporarily blocked duct—but nothing like this. As luck would have it he had a doctors appointment an hour later. By the time we got there the eye was all but gummed shut.

Doctor appointments are a great thing, but there’s also a bit of unvoiced pressure when you bring the baby in: how have we been doing? Is he all messed up? Are we worthy?! Are they going to take him back?

Other than the totally gross, yellow gooped eye socket he checked out pretty well. He’s officially over nine pounds (9.1) and gaining on his peers: up from 17% to now being in the 28% of average weight distribution (72% of babies his age are heavier). Heart and lungs are sounding good, robust color, and wiggleability factor high.

In the end we walked out with Zane’s first prescription, for eye medicine. And boy-howdy doesn’t he LOVE getting that squirted into his eye!! He may not be able to hold his head up, but he can squeeze his eye lids tight enough to almost hold back a grown man with a tube of eye ointment.