The other morning I went into Zane’s room at 6am to feed him before heading into work. “Good morning, fuzzy” I whispered while lowering the crib side. Zane rolled over lazily and said, “Blah!”

It wasn’t even a Monday.

Big day yesterday as Zane got babysat at someone else’s house for the very first time. I went to see Faith’s play and along the way dropped Zane off with Audrey and Jonah. Jonah turned one last week and the two of them are old friends. Still, I think Zane felt a little betrayed to find I’d skipped out on him. According to Audrey it took a group outdoor excursion to make up for the slight and calm him down.

On the way home we stopped at the grocery store and I captured Zane “comparison shopping” in the chip aisle. What I should have got a video of is Zane in the balloon aisle…it’s an visual and audible extravaganza. Click the image below to watch the movie.