Birthday Train Frog Scooter Box Run Day

To say yesterday was a busy day wouldn’t do it justice. The usual start with a slow-eater’s breakfast followed by a quick recycling run and then off to the playground. Quick stop at home before heading off to his friend Gavin’s third birthday party (he’s in the back right of photo). The party was dinosaur themed so there was a find the dino egg hunt, pin the horn on the triceratops, dino shaped sandwiches and a green dinosaur blueberry cake. But none of that really could compete with THE TRAIN. I think they’d got it at a yard sale, a little kid ride-able electric train with snap together track.

ALL of the kids queued up to ride it, some less patiently than others. Considering that his whole livelihood was hinging on his riding the train Zane was very patient. And then when it was his turn he experimented with the button for making it go rather than holding it down like everyone else. He did do a lap “full throttle” but by then it was the next kid’s turn. Eventually it ran out of battery power. Still a very fun party.

On the drive home I was hoping he’d fall asleep and he was hoping I’d go to the playground again. Or the train yard. Or anything but home. He fell asleep, mid-whine, a quarter mile away from the house.

We did go back to the playground directly after the nap. He’d come away with two plastic dinosaur “party favors” and insisted that they wanted to go to the playground too. We got there and he found a pile of some other kid’s toys, including two little scooters. Dinosaurs abandoned, he spent the rest of the time at the playground trying to climb and jump while holding two scooters.

Then we went to the grocery store where he ran and ran and ran. Good grief did he run. I gave up even trying to control him figuring every little bit will help come bed time. We got home and he played with the cardboard box again while I made pizza. Zane ate the pepperoni off the pizza and wouldn’t eat anymore. This is our one true challenge with Zane, getting him to eat. Eventually I’ll break down and help him eat, but it’s really an untenable situation. We go to the park or parties and all of the other three (and two) year olds are sitting down and feeding themselves while Zane is in non-stop wiggle/escape mode. He’ll feed himself fruit, but everything else is a chore. So I fired up a countdown timer on the iPhone, set it to one minute and started it. “When that timer runs out you are going to bed.” “No go to bed!” “Sorry, the only way to stop the timer is to take a bite of food.”

He ate all of the pizza, the timer being reset a few times when he’d dawdle. After that he ate a whole bowl full of blueberries: without needing any timer set, imagine that.

We went to a fundraising garage sale earlier in the morning and picked up a tricycle for three bucks. After dinner Zane and I installed his horn and bell on the tricycle and attempted to go for a ride. We made it the standard 1/2 block before he climbed off. Actually what he does now is yell, “I’m all DO-NE!” as if done had two syllables. He does this when eating, sitting on the potty, and anything else he hasn’t instigated. Anyways, he climbs off the tricycle and starts running. He ran all of the way back to our driveway, where I ditched the trike, and then we ran all of the way down the hill. He’s getting fast! He played in the road dirt for a while before I insisted he stop, and then we ran back, uphill, all of the way home. He stopped to visited our neighbor, Nancy, to see her “boat trailer” (which doesn’t exist…3yr old imagination) and then back to our yard to play with frogs.

We started off just walking around the pond. I was using a skimmer net to clean algae, which he refused to touch ‘cause it looked slimy (side note: the dog had no such compunction). The pond is full of frogs, big tadpoles, and tiny toadpoles. Zane said, “Want touch more frogs?” Using the skimmer I managed to transport a fat frog for him to touch. He’d dance around, squeal, get within millimeters of touching it, and then chicken out (or the frog would).

Zane said, Touch more frogs?

“Well, you have to touch one before it’s considered touching more.” I replied.

A half hour later, still no frogs touched by Zane, all of them traumatized, I called it a night. He kept asking for more frogs, sounding like this time he’d really, really touch the frog for sure. Instead we went in and took a bath where at one point he crouched in the bubbles and declared, “Zaney is a frog!”

No argument from me…