Birthday Number Four

As the days and then hours counted down to the big birthday things started getting TENSE. First the forecast went from 20% to 100% chance of rain, pretty much negating all of the yard work and outside party planning we’d done. Then, even more severe, the night before as Daddy started making the birthday cake:

“What cake you making daddy?
Here’s a drawing, what do you think it is?
“Dump Truck?”
“… Pirate Dump Truck!”
“Yes! It needs to be a Pirate truck.”

Later, as I was putting him to bed he announced that Toe Biters like cake and it should be a Toe Biter Pirate Truck cake. Oh, sure, that’ll be easy!

Sunday morning he opened presents (thanks everyone!) and played with them while we finished getting ready for the party. It was a grand time with eight kids and eleven parents packing the family room. Lots of playing and imagining and running and music and only a few small fights over a given toy. The dump truck cake (sans pirate & bug) was a hit with kids eagerly lined up for some, one nicely asking if they can eat the M&M “gravel” pile behind the truck.