Birthday Buns

Yummy Bun

Zane’s birthday was a low-key affair. I bought him a French crusty roll which he spent hours gnawing at. More like a teething bun. As his top tooth comes in the gums are red and angry, leaving Zane looking for chewable solace wherever it might be: fingers, couch corner, plastic cups, dad’s arm, dandelions. Faith cooked up a batch of cupcakes while us boys hit a few stores in search of last minute presents. No luck. We have too much stuff plus I’m a horrible shopper. For his part Zane seemed to thoroughly enjoy cruising the aisles and pulling bright colored plastic junk off of the shelves.

Back at the house Zane was fed dinner and the birthday party commenced. I have a video of the cupcake sporting a lone candle and Zane’s quizzical reaction to the scene of pastry, fire and singing parents.

Strange customs here.

We moved to the family room to open presents, but he caught sight of the video camera and it was nearly impossible to get him interested in boxes and wrapping paper after that. We’ll see how the video turns out. BTW, we’re hosting a big May birthdays/baby party at our house this weekend, which should be a blast and produce lots of cute baby photos.

Speaking of which…more birthday buns!

Naked crib climbing baby Buns on the run