Biker Babes

Faith and Zane, biking

Zane’s first bike ride was yesterday and he slept through the entire event. Jenna, JJ, and Andy gave us this great bike rig and we hooked it up yesterday to see if there was any way to “install” Zane. There’s a comfy cloth bench type seat, but he’s a bit wobbly right now for that, so I ended up doing what we do in all situations: strap the car seat in.

This seems to be a baby raising maxim: when in doubt, use the car seat. The car seat pops into the car (duh), stroller, grocery carts, and is sometimes the best way to lug him from room to room while you are working around the house. It’s comfy, secure, has a built in roll-bar, and with today’s injected plastic molding it doesn’t weight much at all.

Strap the car seat into the bike carrier, zip up the bug shield, and away we went. Being at the top of a steep hill we didn’t go for a long bike ride, as that would have meant peddling back up and also a scary ride down the steep section with questionable bike brakes and a newly assembled carrier: i.e. we’d like his first bike ride to not end in disaster. So we went down the side streets and back, with a little bit of hill peddling tossed in for good measure.

BTW, Happy Birthday to Zane’s Great-Grandmother Knapp who turned 106 today!