Big Smile!

Zane’s forced smile looks a lot like a squint with teeth…

We were putting his socks on after yesterday’s nap when Faith said, “Your toenails need clipping.”

“No toenail need clipping…” he immediately responded. He’s very good at adding no to sentences. Unswayed, she retrieved the clippers while I kept him distracted and from running away. She handed the clippers to me and we told him that he only needed a couple of them trimmed.

snip went one small toenail..

snip went another…

“Here, let’s trim this big nail.”

“No trim big nail!”

“It’ll be ok.” I reassured.

As I was taking aim at the nail in question Zane turned his head and looked up me then turned back and in a panic pointed to the kitchen table, “Daddy? Glasses?!”

Typically I only wear reading glasses when operating on something delicate, like Zane’s nails or reading one of his finer print books in dim light. Apparently he’s made the correlation between glasses and nails and was quite concerned that I’d operate on him without them!