Big Day Out

At least once a week Zane and I go the the playground in town. Oddly enough the nearest swing is a couple blocks away. No problem, Zane finds more than enough to occupy his time. Sitting on the ground and covering legs with wood chips is even a viable and entertaining option.

There are other kids playing on or around the area. Zane is usually the youngest and he’ll often stop to watch the other kids. Yesterday a little girl was swinging across the rings and after making it across her parent’s clapped. Zane clapped too. The parents saw Zane clapping and so they tried clapping again to see if he’d follow. He merely looked at them, hands at his side, seeming to say “She hasn’t done anything new, why are you clapping?”

I suspect that Zane thinks the bridge is really a shallow slide that he is able to climb back up. You have to be vigilant as he’ll often sit up and back without evaluating his position… a couple of times he’s toppled right over the edge into my arms.