Big Bumpy Day

A shot from a couple nights ago as we got ready for a bath. He’s a pretty easy kid to get smiling or laughing.

That being said we had a few sad moments yesterday. I decided to give Faith the day off and take Zane to the science museum for the morning. Before we went I gave him a haircut. He was dubious, telling us that he wanted Misses Jenn to cut his hair. I countered with, “Miss Jenn can fix your hair if I mess it up” and he didn’t have a ready answer to that. Out came the clippers. He was a lot easier to deal with this time, maybe because of his last haircut with Miss Jenn. At one point I turned to Faith and asked if I’d missed anything. She said, “You mean, like the fact the hair is above his ear on this side and below it on the other side?” There’s a reason I program computers for a living…

So, on to the museum. It promised to be a hot day so we took along swimmers and extra clothes in preparation for the water park. After playing inside for a half hour Zane finally headed for the water. He was all over the place and I mostly followed him to stop him from doing dangerous things. Our biggest challenge these days is the phrase, “Zane jumps!” This means he has found a new thing to jump off of or onto and also means we probably have to intercede. I did that a few times and thought I’d talked a little sense into him, but what appears to be “sense” is actually biding his time until he can try it again. Which is how he got his first wounds of the day, jumping from one platform in the water park down into a narrow canyon of sorts and mis-judging where he’d land. He scraped an ankle, his chest, and got a little ding under his chin.

A few tears and hugs later all was right again. We finished playing in the water and went to have a treat of peanut M&Ms in the shade while drying off. Parental tip #191: do not share your bottled water with a kid that has a mouth full of chocolate candy.

Went back inside, checked out the bees, the cutter ants, made a helicopter, spun some things, looked at bird nests and eggs, and then Zane saw a new exhibit. He ran across the carpet to it and just as he got close, tripped and slammed into a chair leg. A lot more tears this time and a much more obvious wound alongside his eye. He eventually cheered up some, but from that point on he wanted to be carried almost everywhere. Since my back has been in and out the past week we couldn’t do that forever and worked our way back to the car and home for lunch, stopping along the way to pick up some food. Turned out Zane also wanted marshmallows.

The temp was well into the 90’s by then and upstairs in the house above eighty. Zane and I took a nap down in the family room, inside the tent, which was pretty darn comfy. Woke up, went out and played in the sandbox, and then ate some dinner. This whole time, from Lunch through Dinner, Zane kept asking for marshmallows. Actually most of his day consists of saying “Zane wants…” (insert practically anything and everything at the end of that phrase) while his parents either stall or explain why he can’t have it. Everything from “… go to the beach” to “… eat dinner with Jonah.”

After dinner Zane and I picked up his toys and books in a few rooms, took Raz in the woods and found some sticks, then set about cooking marshmallows on the grill. “Want raw,” he explained. He got a raw one and a lightly roasted one. We didn’t make it to the “light brown” vs. “charred” discussion as he didn’t seem to have any preference other than eating a marshmallow or two. Later, getting ready for bed, he was on the toilet and I was shaving. A few minutes later he looked up in surprise at the shaving cream on my face, “Daddy marshmallows?”