Big Boy Bed, Yeah!

I picked up the new bed yesterday. We got it used, only $100 and in really nice shape. I figured that works out to about fifty cents per pound or so. After picking it up (which included taking it apart) I was driving back to work and thought, “I’ll just drop the van off at home.” Then, “Maybe I’ll just unload it.” Which then became, “Let’s set this up real quick and see how it looks!” Zane was a little bummed that I didn’t install the mattresses right away and kept asking me to do it, but I went back to work and put them in later in the afternoon.

Zane was giddy with excitement still is. Remember how I said we’ve been telling him that he has to wait until he’s six to sleep in the top. All of a sudden yesterday after the bed arrived he started telling me, “Zane is 4 1/2, right daddy?” I think he’s trying to cut a year out of the wait.

Five in the evening and he’s on his bed reading a book: a first! I started worrying that he wouldn’t sleep from all of the excitement. Raz came down the hall and you could hear Zane explain, “Raz, I have a new bunk bed!” Then Zane went into our room, where Tink was sleeping, and told her the same thing, asking if she’d like to come see it. She didn’t.

As you can see, it’s a lot more parent friendly for reading.