Big, Big Fun

A fellow I used to work with posted a picture of this bouncy house on Facebook Saturday morning and even invited Zane to come over. We couldn’t make it Saturday because he was off at another birthday party, but as luck would have it they had the bouncy house all weekend. We went over Sunday morning. Zane wanted to go at 7am when he woke up, but since there was a bit of frost on our lawn and both of us are nursing colds I thought we ought to wait for sunshine and warmth, however slight it might be this time of year.

The bouncy house was everything he could have dreamed of and more. Big jumping area inside with inflated columns and basketball hoops. Along one wall is a stairway leading to the top of the big slide. All in all I think he spent an hour and a half playing in it, only stopping to go investigate the kid’s other playground. Afterwards we headed home, had a hearty lunch and then he was out like a lamp for a three hour nap.

A little less complicated fun area is Zane’s very own cupboard in our kitchen. Every few months he rediscovers it, removes the toys and “cookware,” and climbs in to hide. He’s getting better at hide-n-seek these days and will even count to ten before he comes to find me. If Raz is playing with us I don’t stand any chance of staying hid but Zane doesn’t seem to mind. I can even get Zane to hide sometimes, although he’s easy to find since he never stops giggling long enough to stay hidden. Oh, and if you wonder out loud where he might be he’ll pipe up with “I’m right heeeeere!”