Before & After

Teaching Zane the concept of before and after by using his haircut photo as the example. Based on how well I did we could have also taught him, bad and worse! “:^)

Some of the things you learn as you go along. Don’t cut hair using a high back chair. Don’t bump an ear, ever, because he then worries way to much about daddy cutting off an ear. And most importantly: next time hang the iPad on the wall in front of him with a really interesting new kids show! That should do it.

Last night we were having a video iChat with Aunt Laura and Uncle Kirk. Now, being in Wyoming it was still sunny and bright outside while it was very dark here. Zane thought that was pretty interesting and told Laura to go outside. So she carried her iBook outside while video chatting and we got a tour of the garden, saw the bright blue sky, and even got to experience her dog Booda howl when the nearby fire siren went off. Zane was most impressed. Afterwards he went to the back door and pointed out the neighbors lights. “Lights are in the distance.” he explained, which was a pretty good concept from a three (and almost half) year old.