Been Better

Zane had a little bit of boogers the end of last week. Normal stuff. A bunch of kids came over for a play date, some of them with more boogers. Normal stuff. By Sunday his boogers were green and he had a slight fever and looked pale. Monday, more of the same, but not worse. Yesterday it’s green boogers everywhere: nose and eyes. No fever, but man can that kid produce some green boogers! I’m giving him a bath and found a big, swollen bug bite on his leg and another bite or something on the back of his head. “Hey, you’re falling apart kid!” I exclaimed. His mom overheard and said, “No he’s not.” Then I show her the bumps, another clot of green boogers in his eyes, and she says “You are falling apart!”

Zane’s vocabulary has not only been growing rapidly but it takes a few funny turns along the way. Here’s a couple of conversations he and I had yesterday:

Z: “stomach is sick”
J: “How does it feel?”
Z: “broken”

Later, Zane getting off of the potty after not doing anything:

J: “let me know when you need to go to the potty”
Z: “No! No need to go to potty.”
J: “I know, but when you DO need to go, please tell me.”
Z: “No, no need to go!”
J: “Let me rephrase: tell me when you need to pee.”
Z: “No need to pee!”
J: … falls over, defeated

I wasn’t feeling very good either and spent most of yesterday home as well. Zane kept trying to get me to take him out to see “daddy’s red car?” He finally settled on looking out the window, but then wanted to try it from different windows, and every ten or twenty minutes, interspersed with toy playing, jumping, snacking, educational programs, and general mischief.

For someone who’s sick he sure has a lot of fun.