Bears, oh my!

Bears, oh my!

What’s up with all of the bears? Clothing, towels, toys, wipes, diapers, cups, binkies … you name it, they all have bears. I mean, it’s not like you’d take a baby into the pen at the zoo or run down a Grizzly in the Rocky Mountains for baby-bear-back rides. Before the teddy bear came along were kids decked out in the latest wild boar sow paraphernalia? For winter did they don faux Diamondback rattler scarfs, Piranha mittens, and Mother Wolf Spider muffs?

Speaking of animal take-offs: Zane is sporting the latest in straight-jackets swaddling blankets from Kiddopotamus. If you follow that link you might even think that they used him as the model. He received the swaddler at the baby shower and it really does the trick. They use some kind of killer velcro (appropriately located behind the bear heads) and slightly elastic material, which makes for a really tight swaddle, er, bear hug.