Bear and Coyotes, oh my

To say that Zane wants to do everything these days would be an understatement. Yesterday I got home from work to find he and Faith exploring the neighbors yard, where a bear had torn down their bird feeders the morning before (we were serenaded at 2am by nearby coyotes the same morning). Just in the few minutes I watched them he went from looking at feeders to climbing their rock wall to maybe trying to go inside their house to and so on. I think their original goal was a nice walk down the road.

I probably mentioned that one of his new sayings is “stop that!” but he’s also become controlling and possessive as well. During dinner he’ll say that he’s all done, but when I try to eat some of the left over food he’ll say “stop that!” and then ask mommy to put it away for Zaney. Last night it was a small bite of egg roll and wedge of black bean pie and not only wouldn’t he let me have them, but he grabbed a little ziploc bag and put them away all by himself and zip (“locked” in his words) it up.