Batman vs. Tomato

Everyone made it home last night, safe and sound. After dinner Faith said that Zane really needed to “go outside and run around for a while.” Zane turned to me and said “need to go outside and run around a while” in all earnest. So, we went outside. And ran around. For a while. Raz came and he ran around and tried his sneaky tricks to maybe knock Zane over without looking like he was really trying to knock Zane over, but I’m on to him and we avoided that. For a little while he and Zane fought over the same anemic piece of grape vine, for no apparent reason other than if one wanted it then the other one wanted it.

At one point I hear Zane say, “need to pee” only to turn around and find him with pants around his ankles and about ready to let go. “Ok, buddy, but you can’t do this wherever you go. You need to ASK first.

On the way back into the house I asked if he wanted to pick some of the ripe tomatoes. He did and then decided that he’d eat one as well. Welcome home!