Back Off!

Now in the first picture he’s fighting off his mommy’s attempts at eating his food, which of course she’s only doing to covertly get him to EAT his own food rather than (pick one): a) daydream, b) talk to cat, c) sing, d) talk to dog, e) move around in seat, f) all of the above and much, much more! (Why, yes, that is a toilet in the background on our deck. Thanks for asking!)

Next up is what Zane calls the “back off” jacket. He told me this yesterday as we were getting him ready to go to gymnastics. It’s a hand-me-down and whomever had it before apparently uses fabric softener in their dryer. We’ve washed this, along with other clothes in the bunch, and yet the smell is still horribly cloying. I asked Zane what he meant by “back off” and he explained that it smells so bad it causes people to stay way, way back.

The last photo is my favorite of the bunch. You might remember Zane’s climbing/slide tower from other photos. Well, apparently he made up a sign telling people to “stay off” or something like that. The other day we were in the room and after showing it to me he hung it up all by himself, using the pen’s string to tie it to the crossbar and even fashioning a quasi-knot. Very clever.