Back in Business

All better now, thank you. Yesterday Zane was back to his old, fun loving self. Well, except for the part at nap time when he stands in his crib crying/screaming his lungs out until Mom takes him out and lays him on a small futon where he almost immediately falls asleep. And, really, he’s been doing that about once a week anyways (hmm, usually Wednesday?). He woke up an hour into the nap, kind of had a body and hair twirling intermission, and then fell back to sleep half on, half off the mattress. And, later, dad was right there. To ease him back onto the mattress? No, to take a photo.

Faith and Raz went to the final puppy class while Zane and I played hide and seek and then chilled. Well, actually, we worked on lights. There are four light fixtures in the family room and suddenly two of them quit working. I knew that a wire nut in one of them was loose, but which one? It ended up being the very last one we took apart but that’s ok because Zane really likes climbing and there’s nothing quite as fun and majestic to climb as a three rung step ladder in your very own family room.

Even if dad is standing on it.