Baby's Got Teeth


Woke up and started singing/making up this song:

Baby’s Got Teeth

Our baby’s got teeth
Yeah, baby’s got teeth
Dunno what to do
Nothin’ he won’t chew
Our baby’s got teeth

One of them is a fang
Oh dang, oh dang
Kind of worried for the kitty
‘Cause her neck is itty bitty
Our baby’s got teeth

Our baby’s got fingers
Never pause never lingers
Shoots out like rubber bands
Attached to chubby hands
Our baby’s got teeth

Our baby’s got feet
Can’t dance, got no beat
For us he curls and chews toes
But he’s standin’ when no one knows
Our baby’s got teeth

Our baby’s got a crawl
Stuck in reverse, that’s all
Crawlin’ backwards in time
We’re all out of rhyme
Our baby’s got teeth

All lyrics and baby dance moves copyright Jerry & Zane enterprises.

Speaking of moves, here’s Zane’s latest. He has started tilting his head to look inquisitively at things, but hasn’t done it long enough to get a good picture of it.

The Tilt