Baby's Blue

Closeup of Zane's Eye, 3 months

Zane’s eyes are a pretty dark shade of blue and, based on Faith and my eyes, they should stay some shade of blue. The part I like is the silvery-blue corona surrounding the pupil. This varies from barely noticeable to a vivid laser beam shooting intensity.

In going through our home videos I came across one Faith took of her parents and Zane. There’s a little question as to the exact date: that time period was something of a blur. I thought the second weekend after Zane was born. Faith said Heather & John & Dana were up before her parents so it must have been later. Zane has no recollection of said events.

Whenever it was, click the Grandma Henricksen photo to view the movie. Instead of using youtube I opted for a higher quality and larger sized movie on our .Mac server. The one caveat being that you may need to upgrade to the latest quicktime to view (it’s a free download from Apple).

There’s two versions of the movie: medium and large. If you have a fast enough connection and big enough screen then be sure to click the Large link below the movie. I’ll be posting future Zane movies using the same technique.


Grandma Henricksen and Zane